Bypass That Anonymous Proxy to Unblock Websites By Spyro Soldiers

Every day it seems our personal freedoms and liberties are being eroded one by one. This free proxy server will allow you to unblock websites or get around blocked websites from rules imposed by your employer, school, library or other authority- all while remaining completely anonymous. To surf anonymously, you make a request via our website, we fetch the resource for you and than send it back to your screen! Get started below.

How it works:

Bypass That is a PHP application that allows people to bypass filters and firewalls blocked for a number of different reasons. By utilizing this PHP anonymous proxy, you will be able to view the blocked website because we download the requested resource and display the webpage you want from our servers, making it appear that you are only accessing our website. Bypass That will also keep your identity anonymous because requests for the websites you visit through this service will only appear to come from our server and not from any individual person.

Brought to you by Spyro Soldiers